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The Bielski Brothers #4 HaLiegh's Book Blog

The book continues to get more in depth as we see the brothers become exceedingly violent because, as stated in the book, they felt that was the only way they could survive. The brothers continue to live in the woods surrounding the nearby villages of Lida and Novogrudek. The German soldiers are seemingly becoming less humane as they continue on with the mass killings. They no longer conceal the fact that they slaughter thousands of people in less than 24 hours. They no longer dig the burial trenches out in the woods, but now right off the main roads. They become more cruel as we see them randomly choose to murder an entire town out of spite. These horrible actions are portrayed well through the authors writing. He displays the emotions of each and every person throughout this book, and I feel as though that may help the reader get more invested in this book and what it stands for.