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The Bielski Brothers Blog #3

As we continue this story, we begin to see that it follows the three main brothers of the Bielski family. Tuvia, Aseal, ans Zus are the three eldest boys in the family and the only members left. The mill that their father had run all their life had been taken over by German soldiers. Both of the Bielski parents had been killed, both dying from severe injuries given by beatings. The brothers have started living in the woods on the outskirts of their home town of Novogrudek. They have successfully accumulated weapons and ammunition from Russain soldiers and have continued to keep a group of over 25 Jews safe. In the later chapters we fins that mass murders are becoming more common in the Jewish cities. The ghettos are becoming more abundant and more families are being separated. The few Jews that do manage to escape are forced to return when they are left out in the cold. The Nazis' have instilled such fear in the gentiles and Belo-russian civilians that they turn down former friends shelter and food.