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HaLiegh Book Blog #2 The Bielski Brothers

Further into this book we begin to get exact dates of when the Judenrat are being killed. Typically in the masses, the families are separated and the working Jews are sent to the new Novagrudek ghetto. This small portion of land is given up in order to keep them well enough to continue their work. The other Jews are shipped off in trucks and taken to the outskirts of town. Some are beaten, others are stripped down and machine-gunned to death. One woman who manages to survive returns to the ghetto and tells of the horrific scenes she had to endure. New German leaders are put into power over the small town and they recommend blocking all the streets out of town. This creates a panic and the thousands of Jews who attempt to escape are shot. We see families continue to struggle through these times with  minimal food in the ghetto.